The Gracious Giver by Barbara Baggerly-Hinojosa

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

It is that time of year when we are all shopping for that perfect gift for our families and friends.  When it comes to gift giving, many of us love to shop and buy things that we like.  Very few of us make a conscious effort to shop and buy things that others like.  The old saying, “it is the thought that counts” is true when the “thought” for what the recipient of the gift likes is present.  This year, let’s be the gracious giver and really gift gifts that others will love.

The perfect gift should show that you spent some time and energy in selecting it.  When shopping for a gift for another person, make sure you think about what that person needs and what that person likes. Sit down and really think about the person you are buying a gift for.  What does that person like, dislike, etc?  Think about the things you have in common with this person.  For example, if you both listen to the same kind of music, it would be safe to purchase a nice CD that you like.  Once you have decided what the person likes, then you can narrow down the shops in which you will look for the gift.

When buying a gift for someone else, you must not just buy the things you like.  If your friend loves the ugly brown coat with polka dots, buy her that.  As ugly as you think it is, your friend will love you for buying it for her.  Knowing that you made your friend happy is better than giving her a gift that you would like instead of her.

If you want to give a gift that is remembered for months to come, a little imagination is required.  Listen to your family and friends and pay special attention to what they talk about most.  Really pay attention to the things they say they need.  If your friends rarely talk about what they need or want, then select a gift that reflects their personality.  You will show them that you pay attention to and remember what they say.

Remember that gifts do not always have to be purchased at the store.  Maybe your friend has wanted to spend more time with you.  Or, perhaps, your friend loves your cooking.  These friends would be happy to receive an invitation to coffee and catching up or a home cooked dinner much more than they would like a store bought scarf or shirt.

Giving a gift is an act of kindness.  When a gift is given, it is expected that the receiver respond with a heartfelt thank you in return.  It matters not if that thank you is a written card that is mailed, an email, or a telephone call.  What does matter is that the gift is acknowledged.


Thanks for reading and sharing! Big Blessings to You!


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